Angola, Over 60,000 Firearms Destroyed

Published On : Monday, July 11 2016

Namibe — Sixty-seven thousand of 102,027 fire arms so far collected from the civil population countrywide have been destroyed, said Saturday in southwest Namibe province the second general commander of National Police chief commissioner, Paulo de Almeida.

Also coordinator of National Technical Sub-Commission for Civilian Disarmament, Paulo de Almeida was speaking at the central event of the International Small Arms Destruction Day, on July 9.

The senior police officer said that the Angolan government has been complying with the United Nations recommendations by promoting the disarmament and destruction of fire arms.

According to him, the proliferation of weapons in the world has been a concern to the States.

Quoting the UN data, the chief commissioner of National Police put at more than 600 million the number of firearms in the illegal possession of the citizens, a fact, according to him, that contribute to one of the top causes of death in the planet.

The commander stressed that many weapons out of control of concerned official bodies fuel crime, traffic and terrorism.

Paulo de Almeida assured that the disarmament process will continue in order to ensure safety in the country.

He appealed to the population across the country, with illegal possession of firearms to surrender their weapons to the concerned authorities.